Lorde just dropped the official music video for her single ‘Perfect Places’ and everyone is, certifiably, going crazy over it. The New Zealand born young singer uploaded a sneak peak of the video earlier to build up the anticipation of the actual reveal, and the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive. The subtlety of the sneak peak does complete justice to the actual video because this visual is going to take you places you have been dreaming about.

Lorde’s new single ‘Perfect Places’ is a part of her second album Melodrama. Released in the mid of this year on the 16th of June under the label of Republic Records, it features her hit and esteemed songs of Green Light and Sober. At over three minutes and forty seconds, the Perfect Places track is set to stimulate your senses and take you on a journey like no other.


In her video for the song, the New Zealand song writer and record producer pleases and satisfies the aesthetic senses of her viewers. Golden, sandy beaches, ‘to die for’ beach accommodations, enchanting waterfalls and tropical forests; this video is vacation goals for all. Not only is this video song going to give you goosebumps and chills of the good kind, but it is also going to make you want to pack your bags and set off to find your very own perfect place because you just might be in the mood to recreate the scenes.


Lorde looks beautiful and hauntingly enchanting as well in the Perfect Places video. That is a given! With the keen eye and directive skills of the director Grant Singer, the whole video is of course going to be epic from start to finish. With many clients including the likes of Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, Grant Singer is as best as you can get out there.


Wait, there is more! Lorde just might have made a reference to Paramore’s Hayley Williams in her new music video. That is not surprising at all, considering the fact that Lorde is a huge Paramore fan herself, never feeling shy in admitting that to anyone. But here is the fun deal! You get to go on an Easter egg hunt in this video when it is not even close to Easter yet. In a tweet, Lorde admitted to leaving a few Easter eggs here and there in the Perfect Places video for her fans and viewers to look for.


The 20 years old Royals singer is going to be briefly touring Australia later this year in November with, much to her Australian fans’ many live performances and appearances scheduled. So this might be your chance to catch her performing her Perfect Places single live!