Stone Temple Pilots fans will be stoked to hear that they are primed and ready to reveal their new frontman to the rest of their global audiences.

The California-based rock icons have gotten themselves quite a fresh and new singer just after more than one year of search. Interestingly, this new frontman will be unleashing a brand new record with the rest of the Stone Temple Pilots.

According to Music Feeds, Robert DeLeo himself announced the news to Rolling Stone. They are keeping themselves quiet as they are currently making their new music in the studio.

Interestingly, DeLeo said they had no idea whether to describe this new frontman as “famous” or not, but they are equally just as excited to finish their new record.

Fans aren’t exactly keeping themselves in the dark either. Stone Temple Pilots fans are thinking Scott Stapp from Creed has just scored the deal. However, Stapp is actually replacing Scott Weiland for Art of Anarchy.

Robert DeLeo, and Stone Temple Pirates

Fans can be remembered that Robert DeLeo and Dean DeLeo were part of the core members that formed Stone Temple Pilots in 1989. They were joined by Eric Kretz for drums, and Scott Weiland as lead vocals. Since their conception, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington actually replaced Weiland in 2013 before returning to the former in 2015.

Fans of STP love the band for their alternative rock and alternative metal hits. They also tackled hard rock and grunge tunes. Their most successful album is perhaps their debut album, Core, which was released in 1992. Their other notable albums included Purple in 1994, Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop in 1996, and No. 4 which was released in 1999.

The band actually disbanded last 2002 but eventually reunited in 2008. When Bennington joined STP, their only material with him was High Rise, an EP released in 2013.

Followers of the group can also remember that Stone Temple Pilots have been searching for the new frontman since last year. This is after the death of Weiland, and has since garnered a lot of applications. It can be remembered that Weiland passed away due to drug overdose.