If you’ve ever wondered how Tame Impala selects his music, you’re in for a treat. The artist is set to release quite a plethora of unheard content for fans in the updated Collectors Edition of Currents. The B-sides features were unheard of, which adds quite a fresh batch of content Tame Impala fans will delight in.

According to the YouTube trailer, the Currents Collectors Edition will be a boxed set worth $100. Fans will delight when they see the album is vinyl out of red marble, alongside two remixes on vinyl 12” wide. The three aforementioned B-sides are also inside a flexidisc 7” wide. There’s new artwork, a magazine with “scribbles and images,” as well as a poster.

In the YouTube trailer, fans can see Tame Impala himself jamming to some unheard tracks. Fans can go to the Tame Impala store if they want to pre-order the sweet new Collectors Edition. They can also wait for its November 17 release.

Interestingly, fans may not have to wait for long in order to hear other batches of Tame Impala content. According to Music Feeds, he may also be working on some new tracks with artists such as SZA, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky.

Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, Rise to Fame

Tame Impala, also known as Kevin Parker, is an Aussie rock band formed in 2007. Their psychedelic tunes are best known for their mixture of other genres such as neo-psychedelia, psychedelic pop, and even psychedelic rock.

Parker himself records, produces, writes, and performs their music. When they tour, the band has Jay Watson, Dominic Simper, Cam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo on various instruments and synthesis tools.

The band rose to fame after releasing their debut album called “Innerspeaker” which was not only well-received by fans and critics but was also a Gold hit in Australia. This made Tame Impala well-known in the industry, as they have also released EPs and singles prior to “Innerspeaker.”

Their more recent album, “Lonerism,” actually received a Grammy Award nomination in its release in 2012.