Why Perth is in Danger of ‘Disappearing off the Touring Map’ Altogether


Western Australia is becoming harder and harder for agents to send bands to perform.

Ticket sales have become so unpredictable recently, that Perth’s market seems to have collapsed sooner than calculated. Back in 2014, Perth showed its poor sale for the first time. But as all businesses around world, agents tried to keep the ground soft for bands. Despite cogently poor responses, bands were sent to perform. But now it seems impossible.


Perth is far from saving and there is nothing agents have on the list which they can do to save its market. The well-known music world recognized, Chris O’Brien, head of touring has displayed his frustration and warned Perth of disappearance altogether off the touring map, in his tweet. He even mentioned later that, things are going at a stage where Perth won’t make any major difference.  East coast and Sydney seems to fill the void left by Perth quiet easily.


Even amateur markets like Canberra have given an outstanding response. In truth most of the coming shows are expected to be in Canberra as per its epic response.


Touring head Luke logemann has also expressed his despair on Twitter. He said that Western Australia is getting out of hand and he may not consider sending any band there any time soon. Logmann also said further that the music industry and their agents have been trying so hard for so long to keep the market running in Perth but now it’s becoming harder and harder to carry on. Perth may disappear from touring map in no time.


The problem which agents expressed is the markets like Newcastle, Melbourne and Eastern Coasts are providing better opportunities than Perth to perform. So it is easy for agents to develop and start working there with them. These new markets have potential to fill the void created by Perth, so they’re hopeful for business to run as usual, but for Perth it may be a call of distress.


The bands that were sent to perform there even called out Perth as thin ice. They are not enjoying the shows there. Either agents can put up a show there and expect the least predictable people to attend the show, or they can simply skip Perth and save their show and money.


Perth has proved profitable earlier, according to agents but just recently things started to fade there. According to some of the agents there is still some hope for Perth, if enough attention can be gathered.