Very recently, the renowned musician and songwriter Nick Cave paid a heavy and heartfelt tribute to the late record producer Tony Cohen. Obviously, no amount of words can relate to the pain and sense of loss Nick Cave and all others, who had a very close association and relationship with Tony Cohen, are suffering terribly from right now, let alone the millions of music devotees. However, the loss of Tony Cohen has the whole industry shook.


Honoring the late legend Tony Cohen in his tribute, Nick Cave took a nostalgic drive down memory lane. Cave remarked on Tony Cohen’s dedication and brilliant sense of humor, one that has made the former laugh too many times to count in all the years they both have known and worked with each other. His exact words “national treasure” have such an honest ring to them that it feels like they were made for Cohen alone.


Tony Cohen, born on June 4th in the year of 1957, was not just a sound engineer, but also a Melbourne based music record producer. Interacting with the rock genre of the Australian music industry, Tony Cohen won the Producer of the Year and the Sound Engineer of the Year awards, the former two times in a row.


He died at the satisfactory age of 60 on the 2nd of August this year. According to his family and friends, Cohen went through a peaceful transition to the afterlife in the Dandenong Hospital, where he was being treated for complications arising from the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in the early years of his life.


Tony Cohen won three well deserved ARIAs for his remarkable work during his peak years. His work in producing Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party is unparalleled. At the very beginning of his long and fruitful career, Tony Cohen was a part of the professional team in the making of ‘Dreams of a Love’, which was the debut platform for The Ferrets in the year 1976. In addition to this, Cohen invested his skills and expertise in almost every Bad Seeds album released in the time span of 1984 to 2001.


Nicholas Cave, the Australian musician, songwriter and composer, who is an expert at playing instruments including the saxophone, guitar, drums, harmonica and piano, has always held Tony Cohen in very high regards.


Tony Cohen was a true legend in the punk rock world. Never has the industry ever seen anyone the likes of him and never will it in the unforeseeable future. A great loss, indeed, but his work continues to live on.


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