Heads up, romantic souls! Your favorite celebrity flame is notching things even further up this year. Liam Payne and Cheryl are one of the cutest couple in the industry right now. While the age gap may not exactly be conventional, they make it look like a smooth sail forward, and that had got us all swooning and all starry eyes. The ‘totally in love’ couple had their first baby and son only a couple months back, but it looks like they are already planning for another one.

The One Direction band member and now solo artist, Liam Payne welcomed his first baby boy, who is only four months old, with much and adoration. The twenty three year old celebrity artist and his significant other, Cheryl, who is thirty four years old in age, named their baby boy Bear after he was born on the 17th of March this year. After keeping a relatively low profile on Cheryl’s part, Liam shared an adorable shot of his son Bear on Instagram very recently.

However, only four months after the birth of their son, the couple is reportedly thinking of getting pregnant again and expanding their cute little family. Is it just us or are they moving too fast? Having been involved since the early 2016, getting pregnant in the first place seemed like wrong thing to decide on for the X Factor Judge and her man, but the loved-up couple works it like no other, finding time for their careers, son and each other at the same time. So who knows? Hopefully, this would only make them stronger together.

It is no news that Liam has been busy and focused on promoting his career as a solo artist in the “time out” all One Direction band members have agreed on. From performing and touring for his debut solo Strip That Down to studio time; Liam has been a very busy bee for sure. On the quite contrary, Cheryl seems to be very taken with her newfound role of a mother, taking motherhood in great stride. While she has been inactive on her social media handles for some time now since the birth of her baby boy, the pair gave their first television interview after Bear came into their lives recently. Cheryl explained how it took some effort to convince Liam on the subject of adding another member and growing their family, but they think they are ready for the next step ahead and actually looking forward to it.

Here is to hoping that this one little, happy family finds what they are looking for to add more glitter and rainbows to their lives. If anyone can fit in two kids under 3 in their life, it is them. Both of them are so in love with each other that you just can’t help but say “aw”.

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