People who received recommendations to rest ought to rest, especially if the advice is from doctors. However, today seems to be just another day for recording for hit star Lil Wayne, as he is seen ready to jam with his peers in his studio fresh out of the hospital.

It can be remembered that the hit star was hospitalized after what appears to be a seizure attack in Chicago, Illinois in the previous weekend. He was brought to the hospital because he was seen unconscious inside his room.

Fans of the singer will remember that the star was diagnosed with epilepsy way back in 2013. However, this didn’t hinder the star from showcasing his musical prowess to fans.

Lil Wayne proves once again that his love for music is enough to give him that boost needed to get back to recording. Scott Storch, his producer, posted on Snapchat of him and the hit star. “My boy from back in Miami @liltunechi now he’s healthy and we making some #hits in Los Angeles,” he said.

As per TMZ, rapper and basketball star Damian Lillard also posted an image of the two of them back in the studio.

“#Confirmed … @liltunechi (Wayne),” he said in the post. Lil Wayne fans may see this as a sign of a new piece from him and Lillard, after 2016 collaboration “Loyal to the Soil.”

However, it’s not like Lil Wayne wanted to keep mum about his visit to the studio either. Cortez Bryant, the star’s manager said this kind of Lil Wayne is expected as he’s always been a workaholic.