Jay-Z spoofs Friends in Moonlight Music Video


Are you a diehard Friends fan? Who isn’t! But even then, if your answer is a ‘yes’, then we think this song might just be for you. Jay-Z has recreated a whole episode of the Friends in his new music video of the track Moonlight from his bestselling album 4:44. He has done absolute justice to the most successful comedy sitcom of the century, aired for the very first time in 1996, in this music video.

Jay-Z, who is married to the Queen B and a doting father to their two daughters and a son, holds the highly esteemed position of having 14 consecutive albums awarded the title of US number 1 album. Not only has he sold more than an impressive number of a hundred million records, but this entrepreneur is also the proud owner of his very own luxury clothing line. With over 21 Grammy Awards, Jay Z has no match in the international music industry.

The American rapper plus businessman released his album 4:44 this June on the 30th through the label Roc Nation. 4:44 is the rapper’s thirteenth album. Despite all the criticism and theories on an all black cast for Moonlight’s official music video, the track is quickly gaining views at an uncanny pace. Jay-Z released the video for his song on Tidal, his own music streaming app only a short while ago just as he had done with all the provides exclusive scenes from the new album.

This Friday, Jay-Z surprised his fans and just about everybody else with the exclusive video of Moonlight, where he spoofs one complete episode of Friends. While the song itself involves the rapper, with a net worth of $810 million, it successfully delivers the subtle message hidden just under the surface of an all black cast. The video has been expertly directed by the very capable Alan Yang. Featuring the episode ‘The One Where No One’s Ready” from the season three run of the comedy sitcom Friends, it leaves no viewer confused on what is actually happening here.

Featuring the opening credits of Friends, the Moonlight music video begins with the whole cast of the recreates episode sitting on a sofa that is actually very typical of the original sitcom. The cast you might ask? Moonlight involves the dazzling appearance of the renowned comedian Tiffany Haddish as Phoebe from Friends and Tessa Thompson as you’re very own most favorite Monica.

The complete 4:44 album by Jay-Z is quickly climbing up the rank of Billboard. If Friends is one of your favorite sitcoms of all time, then the Moonlight video is definitely going to please and satisfy you beyond all ends.