The most successful and famous indigenous musician of Australia, Dr G. Yunupingu passed away last month. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, more commonly known as Dr G. Yunupingu, passed away on the 25th of July in the northern territory of Australia. He had been suffering from liver kidney problems for quite a few years now, which doctors have reported to be the cause of his death.


A huge loss of the Australian music industry indeed, Dr G. Yunupingu is unparalleled in vocals and playing more than one instrument.


An aboriginal, Dr G. Yunupingu was born in the very first month of the year 1971 as the oldest son. The interesting and captivating fact is that while he was born visibly impaired on blind, he never bothered himself with the likes of braille.


Showing an avid and keen interest in music from a very young age, he did not only possess very powerful vocals, but was also an expert in playing four musical instruments. These included the keyboard, drums, guitar and another known as didgeridoo.


Dr G. Yunupingu dominated the folk genre platform of Australia’s music industry. Apart from his solo singing career in the later years, he was formerly a member of two bands, one after another. Before joining the Saltwater Band, Dr G. Yunupingu was a part of a band known as Yothu Yindi.


He was known and famous for how powerful and moving his vocals were. Although he had started his music career decades earlier, it was not until he went solo that he gained immense popularity.


His singing has a certain vibe and feel to it. Many of his songs were focused on the land he originally came from, not only expressing his love and yearning for that sacred place, but also boasting of its rich traditions and culture.


Dr G. Yunupingu sang these songs in English in addition to honouring them with the use of his native languages.


To this date, Dr G. Yunupingu is the most successful aboriginal music artist in Australia. Receiving many awards and accolades during his life, he was hailed as the most influential voices in Australia by the Rolling Stone Magazine.


In the year 2011, he performed in front of the Queen. Apart from this, not only did he perform for the former president of United States, Barack Obama, but also received award of merit from his own prime minister.


The death of Dr G. Yunupingu has left a deep mark in the Australian music industry. A legend has been lost, and the loss is one of huge magnitude. His death leaves a huge question mark on the facilities at hand to treat renal disease in the far northern parts.


On the brighter end, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu serves as an inspiration and savior for hundreds.

Rest in peace, Dr G. Yunupingu.