Fans might not see One Direction icon Harry Styles play his iconic guitar on an upcoming tour in the United States. This is after revealing that he had surgery to deal with tight tends on his wrist.

As per Music-News, the news was reported first during an interview with Kent Small, also known as Smallzy. The Australian radio icon noted that Styles was wearing a wrist bandage during the interview. This was when Styles opened up about “a little surgery” on his wrist.

Fans can rejoice, however, as Styles’ doctors revealed the surgery would not affect his future performance. This is after Styles has expressed concerns that he might not be able to play his signature guitar on stage. The concern was appropriate, as the wrist is indeed an integral part of playing the instrument.

Regardless of the injury and his busy sched, Styles also shared that his newest material is also underway.

“I’m always writing, so I’m definitely always kind of writing stuff,” Styles said. He added this is because the time to get inspired can come from anywhere, so he’s always writing.

Styles fans can catch the star in his world tour that begins in San Francisco on September 18, 2017, Tuesday. The tour will then bring him around the United States, and then to Canada, just before he heads for his fans in Europe in October.

It can be remembered that ever since One Direction had entered hiatus just before 2016, Styles also had begun his career in acting. He first debuted in “Dunkirk,” in which he almost earned $500-million in its July release. He added he had a wrist injury during the film’s shoot. However, based on the Christopher Nolan war film’s reception, it appears it was all worth it.