Beastie Boys

Fans of the Beastie Boys will be familiar of how strict the band is when it comes to their music being used in various media. They finally gave their approval in having the song “Sabotage” being used in an advertisement for Bungie’s “Destiny 2.”

This is after fans have noticed that the song has been used for one of the game’s live action teases. As per AdWeek, Beastie Boys members Ad-Rock and Mike D finally gave their blessing.

It appears the director of the trailer, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, knows the Beastie Boys, which helped him secure the song.

The Beastie Boys began being stricter when it comes to their songs being used in advertisements after the rapper Adam Yauch passed away in 2012. It was indicated in his will that any artistic property that was created by Yauch will not be used for any advertisements.

Regardless, “Destiny 2” will now join “Star Trek: Beyond” as one of the rare instances where a Beastie Boys song has been used for trailers. Other unsuccessful attempts were from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who asked the band if he could use the song for his film with the same name.

“Destiny 2” is the much awaited sequel to Bungie’s critically-acclaimed “Destiny” science fiction MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game). The video game has characters taking on the role of Guardians, interstellar agents tasked to defend Earth from a wide variety of opponents as they travel different worlds.

“Destiny” garnered momentous success since its 2014 release for the PlayStation and Xbox series of consoles, ushering in three expansions. “Destiny 2” gained popularity after Bungie decided to release the game in the PC, finally bridging the then-console game to the world of PC gamers.