Musician, Actor and Director Adrian Grenier has taken up the job to cleanse the world of plastic straws. Grenier who happens to be the UN Goodwill Ambassador on Environment and the co-founder of Lonely Whale Foundation has been working against ocean pollution since 2015.

In his current efforts against ocean pollution he has teamed up with various celebrities; Amy Smart, Daniel Franzese, Emmanuelle Chriqui and others for a video message to kick off his campaign against usage of plastic straws. The message is simple and clear, more than 550 million plastic straws are used in the United States alone and a good chunk of that make it into the ocean every day.

Hey, could you #stopsucking already?!

If we don’t act now, by 2050 plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish. One small change can have a big impact: #stopsucking on plastic straws.Accept and challenge your friends:

Posted by Lonely Whale on Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Imagine the international figures and the hazards these billions of straws pose every day to the marine life. Grenier himself is of the view that ocean is the very of our sustenance in our life cycle and we depend on it more things than we actually acknowledge. Inviting the world to join the cause he believes that it is crucial that the world pays heed to ocean health just as its own and that means every individual.

The official website of the campaign Strawless Ocean is a global call to pledge against the use of plastic straws. The website raises awareness with information on the individual level change, institutional change, tool kits and alternative straws that can replace plastic for the betterment of the global environment.

Grenier explained that according to scientific studies if we continue our current practices plastic weight will supersede the fish weight in the ocean by the year 2050. He and his foundation believe that this is the high time to take action against plastic based products and create an international network of awareness and action. The campaign has several activities planned and takes public event entries from users.

The campaign has been received well throughout the world by environmentalist and naturists. The Lonely Whale along with UN Foundation aims to expand the horizon with the newest challenge campaign in order to turn the planet into a better habitat for all. Have you taken your pledge yet?