Ticket Scalping To Be Banned In New South Wales Following State Proposal

Ticket Scalping

Ticket scalping days are about to get numbered should a new regulation be passed to create a ticket scalping ban in New South Wales. This is thanks to a law that was being proposed by members of the NSW state government.

According to Music Feeds, Matt Kean of Better Regulation, the new law will be a reform to the NSW Fair Trading Act. Kean, also the Minister for Better Regulation, added this will hopefully put a stop to tickets that are resold for a higher amount. This is basically to avoid scalping.

He said he doesn’t want ticket buyers to be taken advantage of just because scalpers want additional money. If this law is upheld, this means reselling tickets above 10-percent of its original price will now be illegal.

Kean, however, stressed that the government understands that there might be some practicality involved when it comes to selling tickets on the day of the event itself. However, he added they are still not going to tolerate reselling tickets at unreasonable prices.

The bill itself is still in the process of being organized. It will be presented by the state government to the Parliament.

Ticket Scalping

There are actually a number of regulations to be amended under the Fair Trading Act, which was established in 1987. Amendments will include banning bots that are tasked to buy tickets automatically in bulk. There will also be a banning of ticket advertisements that sell them over 10-percent of the original price.

Moreover, organizers are now supposed to disclose just how many tickets are on sale for a certain event.

However, the government will also ensure that the tickets that are resold will not be canceled by the event organizers.

Interestingly, NSW will not be the only state government to propose regulations to scalping laws. Victoria has also announced that it has plans in 2017 to improve on its anti-scalping regulations.

The state will actually penalize anyone who resells tickets for more than its value.

The entire scalping ban effort may have surged because of events over the years that were plagued by ticket scalpers. Green Day, Sia, and Ed Sheeran events have had resellers selling tickets for incredibly higher amounts than their value.