When hackers target websites, people usually think they’re up to no good. However, this isn’t the case with OurMine. Video streaming service Vevo has become the most recent target of the OurMine hacking group, and their mission is clear: get Vevo to upgrade their security.

This is courtesy of a hack that OurMine announced in a post in their blog. It appears there are almost 3.12TBs worth of data stolen in the hack, including materials for marketing and one-sheets for artists.

Vevo immediately asked that the group take down the stolen information, and OurMine actually complied.

According to NPR, the hacker group OurMine didn’t want to upload the information online. OurMind shared to NPR via e-mail that they actually approached Vevo on the matter first.

However, when the website’s representative didn’t believe them, they opted to post the information instead.

“Every month we pick random companies to check their security and Vevo was one of them,” OurMine told NPR.

Interestingly, Vevo had a different response when asked about the nature of the hack: We can confirm that Vevo experienced a data breach as a result of a phishing scam via LinkedIn. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent of exposure.”

The attack on Vevo is of course significant to the platform’s community, given that Vevo is actually co-owned by Dubai’s Abu Dhabi Media, Alphabet (the company behind Google), and three major labels.

Meanwhile, OurMine is actually a business venture. Individuals can avail their security services for $30, while companies can ask for quotations for security on their end. OurMine said the point of their hacks isn’t to target high profile targets, but rather to show a message that companies have to increase their security efforts.