Popular band The National has big news for fans: it seems they already have a ton of fresh songs prepared for listeners worldwide. How much, you ask? Why, it’s almost as much as a new album!

The National’s Aaron Dessner, in charge of guitars, told NME that they had a lot of songs left over from their various writing sessions. It appears fans wouldn’t have to wait for long for new songs from the acclaimed band.

“There was a brightness to it, and a lot of the songs didn’t need anything adding to them,” Dessner said.

His brother, Bryce Dessner, who is also a guitarist for the band, said the new songs will showcase the band’s exploration of new styles. He said there might be more than one album ready, as they just keep on wanting to write songs immediately after another one’s finished.

It can be remembered that The National has become an instant sensation in the United Kingdom thanks to their “Sleep Well Beast” latest album. However, it seems more songs really are to be expected.

This is especially since the band has been making talks with a “mobile studio” concept of sorts. Matt Berninger, the frontman of The National, said this will help them reduce the time to make new songs. This is of course after their most recent album, “Trouble Will Find Me,” was actually released in 2013.

Meanwhile, fans of the band can get their copies of “Sleep Well Beast” in stores. Those who want to see the band can drop by their various shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as they have a tour beginning Sept. 16 and will end on Sept. 28.