We were hit before anyone even noticed. We didn’t expect what happened next, but “Despacito” found its way almost virtually anywhere. Almost every corner in streets and establishment had the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee track blasting, and before we know it, everyone’s obsessed with it.

What perhaps stunned viewers is its outstanding number of YouTube views. The pure Spanish version of the song has over 3.5 billion views. Adding the one that features icon Justin Bieber, then they would have over four billion views.

According to The Guardian, the song is a good reflection of the strength and perseverance of Latino culture. It proves that, while there is indeed some form of stigma towards immigrants in some states, there is a diversity that exists in a lot of countries, and it has strengthened more than ever.

As per the National Public Radio, it’s known that Bieber’s participation in the remix created more hype for the song. However, NPR’s Jessica Diaz-Hurtado and Felix Contrera asked: is it really the Latin artists that crossed towards the mainstream, or was it Bieber just riding the Latino culture hype?

Perhaps a more interesting question is that, what does it mean when a song that’s performed in Spanish has dominated Western ears, and yet it appears some governments are becoming hostile to some immigrants?