Bobbi Kristina Brown Biopic Temporary Blocked In NYC

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Those who wanted to see the Bobbi Kristina Brown biopic that was set to be broadcasted in New York City will have to wait as a New York judge has just blocked its release.

According to Music News, the biopic, titled ‘Bobbi Kristina,’ was supposed to give viewers a new perspective to what happened to the 22 year old a few days before she passed away. It was scheduled for an October release this year.

However, the late figure’s father, singer Bobby Brown, had filed a suit this September and claimed the biopic’s depiction of him as a bad father defames him. It appears the biopic depicts him as a violent spouse as well to the late Whitney Houston, who was the mother of Bobbi Kristina.

Brown was joined by some administrators of Bobbi Kristina’s estate in this legal battle. They aim to close down the project permanently, claiming the film has violated Bobbi Kristina’s privacy. They also sought around $2 million for damages.

It seems the judge that was in charge of the conflict had temporarily banned the biopic from airing. The two parties were then called to appear in a meeting in court later this month. This meeting will then be used by the judge as basis if there really should be a ban on the biopic’s release.

When interviewed by TMZ, Bobby Brown told them he was not unhappy with Joy Rovaris’ depiction of Bobbi Kristina. However, he was not pleased with their depiction of him in the film.

The biopic is a view on the final days of the late Bobbi Kristina, portrayed by Rovaris, and her family. Bobby Brown is portrayed by actor Hassan Johnson, while Demetria McKinney played the iconic Houston.

Bobbi Kristina passed away two years ago after she was put in a medically induced comatose. This was due to a drowning incident that had occurred in Georgia, where she was with her boyfriend Nick Gordon.