Adele takes Grenfell Tower Kids to the Movies

Adele, the Queen of Wit, strikes again! The English song writer, singer and a proud Londoner very recently treated the little survivors of the Grenfell Tower blaze to a movie screening with her.


With over 16 singles and 3 albums, Adele has earned a spot for herself in the international music industry by strumming and cooing close to the hearts of her fans and listeners. However, what sets the cherry on top of the cake is her “down to earth” and charitable attitude, especially when it concerns her precious fans, who she values a lot.


Having lived in London for years on hand, it is widely understood how upsetting the whole Grenfell Tower ordeal was for Adele as well as everybody else. Of course, being who she is as a person, she could not stay put, but instead she was found hugging and consoling the victims, tearing streaming down all their faces, sharing heartfelt pleas and bonding over tea.


As if that was not enough, Adele had to go and do something so incredibly sweet that it is sure to bring tears to our eyes and break our hearts.


On this Thursday, the 3rd of August, Adele invited a whole bunch of Grenfell Tower exuberant kids to the cinema with her. Imagine spending a whole day with Adele, how good does that feel? A private screening show of the new trending Despicable Me 3 movie and the wonderful gift of Adele’s sweet, charming and witty company top everything else on the list. It does not get any better than this. In addition to this, many special arrangements were made to keep these little warriors entertained that day. It is safe to say that this might be one of the most positively surreal experiences of the kids’ life.


Earlier in July, while touring the world for her new album, Adele announced how this might be her last tour. As devastating and heartbreaking that may be for her loyal fans, Adele took the life altering change in good spirits by continuing charity work, giving back to the community little by little.


Apart from consoling and comforting the victims of the Grenfell Tower accident, Adele has also been very active in raising funds for them, having no qualms in speaking out against the lack of and half-hearted attempts for their resettlement.


Adele is one of the most loved music icons of the present times for not just her unparalleled and matchless talents of songwriting and singing, but also because of her selfless personality.


No doubt a trip to the cinema in Queensway with their new best friend Adele was the highlight of the century for all those brave kids.