Australia’s highly-acclaimed Sydney Symphony Orchestra has just withdrawn its neutral stance on the same sex marriage (SSM) debate. This is after the backlash it received since its Thursday, Sept. 28, announcement.

According to The Music, the group has just issued a brand new statement on their Facebook page that they are now supporting “yes” in the debate.

Not So Neutral in the Same Sex Marriage Debate

“The Sydney Symphony Orchestra initially decided that it should remain neutral on this question, taking the view that as a matter of principle it would not take a position that might be seen to commit its wide range of stakeholders to one side or the other,” the Sydney Symphony Orchestra began.

“In doing so, the Board now acknowledges that it misjudged the need for such an organisation – with its long commitment to inclusiveness, equality and fairness – publicly to proclaim its support for the yes vote which plainly advances each of those ideals,” it finished.

They added the decision had received outstanding support from both the musicians and the staff.

Emma Dunch, the incoming chief executive officer, also announced support on the campaign. Dunch, an openly-gay leader, said that “… same-sex marriage is inevitable in Australia, and that this outcome is right and just.”

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is one of Australia’s most famous symphony orchestra that has been performing since 1908. It has treated the Sydney Opera House as its home since 1973.