R.E.M. fans have something to look forward to for the band’s 25th year in the industry. It seems the iconic band will be releasing an anniversary remake of their iconic “Automatic For The People” album.

Fans can now listen to singles such as “Man On The Moon” and “Everybody Hurts” in new and improved Dolby Atmos. This is thanks to the original album’s producer and engineer Scott Litt and Clif Norrell, respectively. This is also the first time that an album will be released in this format on a commercial scale.

R.E.M.’s Mike Mills adds: “Mortality is a theme that writers have chosen to work with throughout time. It speaks of the fragility and beauty of life and living life to the fullest in the present moment.”

Mills, the bassist, also added that “Automatic For The People” may perhaps be the band’s testament to the tests of time.

R.E.M. fans will love the two-disc Deluxe and 25th Anniversary Edition of the album. It has a lift box that measures 12 x 12 inches. Inside it is a stunning new 60-pager book with photos and liner notes from band members. Those who missed Melodie McDaniel and Anton Corbjin can finally see them once again in their prime. Tom Doyle, the popular musical journalist, also has notes for fans.

If you’ve never been to their Live At The 40 Watt Club concert, or if you’ve missed the feeling of jamming with R.E.M., included in the Deluxe Edition is a live set from the very show, which occurred on November of 1992.

Fans can get their copies of the album when it gets released on November 10 this year. Its four-disc version has 20 unreleased demonstrations of their sessions, with the reissue including a featured bonus song “Photograph” courtesy of Natalie Merchant.