tragic death

A tragic death due to drug overdose has prompted organizers of Listen Out festival to increase police presence in the Melbourne festival.

According to Music Feeds, a press conference courtesy of Victoria Police’s Jason Kelly announced there will be increased police presence in the event. This is after the tragic death of a 30-year-old female due to what appears to be overdose.

It can be remembered that drug use is common in musical events, especially for fans to get a “fix” while enjoying the gig’s best hits. This might be the reason why part of the measures to be implemented in the event is a special kind of detection dog, called the passive alert drug detection dog.

Kelly said this increased police presence is a relevant matter, given the event is usually sold out. 15,000 people normally attend the Melbourne-based event annually, which means protection has now become a high priority.

For attendees this year, they should expect increased presence from the Victoria Police.

Listen Out 2017 will take place in Perth and Melbourne this week, and then to Brisbane and Sydney in the weekend after that.