Aussie police have finally concluded the first ever drug bust at the Burning Seed Festival last week, arresting 17 punters with related drug offences.

Cops and their drug-sniffing canine companions have set up various roadblocks at the entrance of the festival in Matong Forest’s “Red Earth City,” just to the west of the Wagga Wagga. The cops managed to seize a wide variety of drugs, which includes mushrooms, ketamine, cocaine, and cannabis.

As per Music Feeds, acting inspector Maggie Deall of the Wagga Wagga station said the police were concerned with the drugs that were being taken into the festival. However, a person named Rodney said a lot of attendees are not “even that into” drugs.

Burning Seed, Drugs, and Parties

Unfortunately, attendees who were enthused to try drugs in the festivals were upset with the crackdown. They appear to have suggested for organizers to take the event interstate, where the drug detection is not as strict.

It can be remembered that Australia has recently launched a campaign that allows police to monitor the drugs that are being brought to festivals. This allows experts to inform attendees of the potential effects of drugs they are bringing, as well as if they’re safe for consumption.

The Burning Seed Festival is the Australian iteration of the famous Burning Man festival. It’s a five-day event with a highlight of burning an effigy as high as 13 metres, alongside a wooden temple. It’s currently on its seventh year.

This year’s Burning Seed Festival occurred last Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, 2017. Although much of the music festivals in Australia have light policies when it comes to punters bringing certain types of beverages and drugs, there are still considerable limits. The aforementioned arrests were for bringing drugs that are considered a bit too dangerous for human consumption, especially at an event like a music festival.