For their 20th anniversary, the Creamfields festival is returning to Australia this year, following a four year hiatus in 2012. Organisers have announced that they have added another huge performance to the event which will take place in the month of November later this year. Along with the Belgian duo of Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike as well as the Dutch DJ and producer Don Diablo with the famous DJ Deadmau5 taking lead in the event, there has just been another huge addition to this year’s massive lineup. Is this not exciting?


After its debut in Australia back in the year 2012, the Creamfields Festival is once again ready to rock Melbourne after five agonizingly long years of wait. Just in time for its 20th anniversary, the Creamfields executives and the festival’s organizers and sponsors are ready to heat things up even more, making this year’s festival experience a ‘once in a lifetime’. Not just the city of Melbourne, but rather the whole of the globe like Australia is buzzing with excitement to see what is there in store for them, and with the new and recent announcement of another addition to this year’s lineup, things are only looking better and better.


This year, this worldwide famous dance and music festival of Creamfields is going to bring to you the best DJs and artists from all corners of the world. The Canadian record producer and DJ is just one icon out of a dozen others who is going to rock your world.


Here is the fourth big and international name for you to fawn all over. Only a short time back, the organizers revealed another artist, who is going to be performing live and filling the arena with electric vibes, on their official channel. Any guesses?


It is no other but the explicitly talented Gareth Emery. Gareth Emery, a DJ and music producer of British origin, is going to be a part of this year’s most awaited Creamfields dance and music festival, happening very soon in Melbourne, Australia. Having won two ‘A State of The Trance Tune Of The Year’ award, there is no one else who can get you moving to the beat like Emery does. His music of electronic and progressive genre is going to get you all hot and bothered this November in Melbourne.


With many more artists still to be revealed in the 2017 lineup for the Creamfields Festival, the tickets are available at their official websites. Only a short while before it is all sold out. Get yours now!