Two of the industry giants have decided to come together in what is called an epic move for the listeners. One of the world’s largest online network LiveXLive has collaborated with one of the foremost content providers Cinedigm to unleash LiveXLive content worldwide.

The contract signed on August 7th, 2017 will allow LiveXLive to reach new markets through Cinedigm’s content network. This includes various cable networks and the big giants such as iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. The agreement came 4 days after Amanda Cerny was named the Head of New Digital Talent at LiveXLive says a lot about the future of the music industry.

This is a great news for the residents of China, India, Tukey, MENA, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russies and various other countries where LiveXLive content would now be available owing to this ground breaking partnership. This more would also create more opportunities for new talent across the globe.

Some of the most famed LiveXLive events include Rock in Rio, Hangout Fest, Outside Lands and Paleo Fest. The events are often re-broadcasted along with the various other productions such as social hacktivist based vines and behind the stage footage.

What’s more, this collaborative partnership will bring more original content to the world since both companies have hinted on new content being produced together that would include exclusive interviews of the superstars and perhaps launching new stars through their partnership network.

Approximately over 2.5 billion people are estimated to have the opportunity to listen live coverage of various converts, music events and other content produced by the networks owing to this collaborative agreement.

In the past, Cinedigm has been catering content to the big fishes; Amazon, iTunes and Netflix whereas LiveXLive has many exclusive events with the superstars such as Katy Perry, Metallica and more. This partnership seems to be a new drive in the music industry where on one hand content is quickly going digital on one hand and on the other hand newbies are now getting their chance to prove themselves to the world.

Both EVP of Cinedigm Digital Networks and CEO of LiveXLive are very otpimistic about this deal and deem it a revolutionary move for the world-wide music industry.