Chicago based artist Chance The Rapper has been stunning both his American and international fans alike with his amazing releases. However, his fans may be in for a treat as Chance takes his career on another level: an awards show for teachers.

Chance has just announced an awards show that may stun entire industries. It’s not a music awards show, but rather an awards show that will support educators in Chicago. Chance’s Twilight Awards will recognize “teachers, parents, principals, and students that convey leadership” in schools around Chicago.

The artist also said the Awards will feature guest performances and will even be hosted by James Corden, a popular late night host for CBS.

As per Pitchfork, Chance announced the Twilight Awards at the SocialWorks Summit last week. This is just among his other announcements during the event. The Twilight Awards will be his newest project, alongside an expansion of his the New Chance Fund that supports the arts and literature. He also gave $100,000 donations to new CPS schools.

The biggest Chance fans may also be aware that the artist is perhaps one of the America’s biggest advocates for public schools and teachers. He’s raised millions for Chicago alone, focusing on education and his SocialWorks organization.