Fans of Stiff Little Fingers can go to Australia and celebrate their 40th Anniversary in a special 2018 tour. This will also allow Aussie fans to jam with the hitmakers, who are best known for tracks such as “Tin Soldier,” “Suspect Device,” “Wasted Life,” and “Alternative Ulster.”

According to The Music, fans who want to go and celebrate with Stiff Little Fingers can book their tickets to Australia and buy tickets when they go on sale on Oct. 27, 9 AM. The shows will be in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Stiff Little Fingers, Discography

Stiff Little Fingers is an Ireland-based punk rock band that was founded in 1977.

Their music is best known for highlighting the times, as the 70s was known to be the period of “the Troubles” in Ireland. It’s a conflict that took place on Northern Island that was primarily explored nationalistic, political, historical, ethnic, and sectarian dimensions. It ended in 1998 thanks to the Good Friday Agreement.

Stiff Little Fingers performed for six years and produced four albums before splitting up. They reformed in 1987, however, five years later. They still toured and recorded despite changes in their membership. Original members that remained with the band were Jake Burns and Ali McCordie.

Popular albums of the band included “Inflammable Material,” “Nobody’s Heroes,” “Go for It,” “Now Then…,” “Flags and Emblems,” “Get a Life,” “Tinderbox – Guitar and Drum,” and “No Going Back.”