Earlier this month, Slipknot revealed that they were working on a new album, following up their 2014 album The Grey Chapter. For a few months now, the team had been getting together and has been writing together for 30 days. As of now, it has been confirmed that they have written 27 pieces of music so far, of which seven or eight are complete. Slipknot’s percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan stated that they were not complete songs, which triggered rumors of disputes between band members about what they wanted to do.

In a recent interview with NME, Crahan said, “I’ll give you this; we’ve decided to do things differently. Our label has been bought and sold, people who used to give me advice are gone now, and we’re still standing.


We’re not going to wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready, no one’s going to wait for me to finish directing a movie, same thing for anyone else who wants to go out on tour with someone else.”

“We as artists have demanded that we get together every three or four months and blow


our brains with art. We’ve been trying to create as much art as possible.”

In regard to when the album will be finished, Crahan stated that they’ll be getting together in September, and when Corey Taylor finishes his tour with Stone Sour, he’ll be right back writing Slipknot songs.


When asked about the album itself, he responded, “Our goal is to get somewhere where it feels like we could have a double album. Whether or not we’ll get to that, I have no idea.


It’s almost an impossible thing to arrive at because you have to do so much music and pick what’s right. But I would like to have a double album and I would like to have a concept album.”

Corey Taylor has also stated that he wants Slipknot’s new album to be violent. According to Crahan, the band is working on their new songs without any outside involvement. He said, “We don’t need any big fancy studios to write in.


We can just go to each other’s houses and write, you know what I mean? Does that mean we’re in the studio? Why would we go in the studio and just spend a bunch of money right now? No. We’re writing though. We’re writing for the new record, and Corey gets songs. We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years. We have songs that we’ve written that are amazing.

“We’ve done really great things to broaden our musical horizons. At the same time though, at some point it is going to have to twist and it’s gonna have to change more… Will it still feel like Slipknot? Absolutely, we write a certain type of music, even though that music may be very eclectic and varied, we still write what I consider Slipknot music. But at some point, that will have to evolve and become something new because our message will have to change.”