Attention, music addicts! Here is some good and exciting news for you. The American origin band Saskwatch has finally announced that they would be touring for their new hot album this fall. You do not want to miss out on this golden opportunity of breathing the same air as the members of the Saskwatch band. Playing for the alternative and indie genres, the band was originally formed in 2011 in California. Facing its due ups and downs, Saskwatch has once again put work forth music that is sure to get you on your feet and dancing to the beat, and to amplify your stimulating experience of these trending indie song, there is nothing better than getting a front row ticket to the live performance.

Saskwatch releases their new album only very recently. Once aired on the 4th of August this year, only a few days back, the album has taken the industry by the storm. This ace album, named Manual Override, is the fourth album in total recorded released by the band. Comprising of 14 song tracks in total, the album Manual Override features the hot songs of this month, including “Then There’s you” and “December Nights”. A blend of pitch perfect producer work and team spirit, Manual Override is the most successful and versatile album of the band. It is definitely the best one out of all four.

With news of a possible album tour round the world, the fans have been hanging at the edge of their seats, biting their nails off, waiting for the confirmed news. Well, the wait is over! Saskwatch has announced that the band members, with the professional team, will be touring for their new album Manual Override in a very short time, throughout the months of October and November this year. What a perfect Christmas gift before Christmas! With all heads turned towards and all eyes on this young yet talented band, the expectations are high and there is a buzz of excitement in the air.

Here is some more good news. The official and confirmed tour dates have been widely shared and they are live now. You can find them on the Saskwatch band’s official website and other social media accounts. With the very first performance of their Manual Override tour planned on Friday, the 6th of October at Rollercoaster in Mandurah, the band will be performing at many capitals and metropolitan cities. The last concert of the Saskwatch 2017 Tour is scheduled on Saturday, the 18th of November in Adelaide, venue Fat Controller.

The sales are already soaring. Hurry up and get your own tour tickets for a chance to see Saskwatch perform live in front of you before it is all sold out.