Rita Ora pushes second album back to 2018


We have some potential sad and disappointing news for all avid R&B lovers. While many of us just might have been looking for to Rita Ora’s second album, sadly it is not going to be out yet. The singer announced the delay in her second album’s release only yesterday on Monday, the 7th of August. Heartbreaking, is it not? We can all relate.


The British singer turned actress, Rita Ora hit her pot of gold back in the year 2012 when she featured in the single ‘Hot Right Now’ by DJ Fresh.


This single track easily managed to secure the number one position in the United Kingdom that year. Rita Ora also released her debut and only music album as of present in the year 2012.


Not surprisingly, this album was also the number one album in UK for a long time. Playing her notes in the genres of pop and R&B, the British origin singer from London even today stands as the artist who amassed the highest number of singles on the UK Singles Chart in the year of 2012.


And let us not forget the fact that three of her singles that year were the best selling tracks consecutively.


With whispers and rumors in the air regarding the release of her second album, Rita Ora has now pushed back the release date for a total of two times now.


In 2014, two years after airing her debut album, Rita also released the single track ‘I Will Never Let You Down’. Unfortunately, her second album was nowhere to be seen. It has been widely speculative that the former lovebirds, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora spent a lot of quality time in the studio, recording many songs together.


However, upon their breakup, a long, vindictive battle of legal nature ensued, which only served to delay the release of her second album for the first time. Not only this, but the Hot Right Now star seems to also have thrown the entire blame on the label Roc Nation, owned by the American rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z, for the massive delay.


This time, the young artist took to social media to make her announcement.


On a Live Chat Q&A session on Facebook this Monday, the 7th, Rita Ora admitted that her second album, which was set to be released later this year in the month of November, would not be out for another few months.


The expected release date has now been pushed back to early next year. In the meantime Rita also announced her world tour following its release.