Moonlover, also known as Quang Dinh, will be the latest artist to join Our Golden Friend. This is just a few months away from the release of his official debut, in the form of an album, in February.

Moonlover is set on releasing a new song this November. However, he will also be launching Thou Shall be Free on October with Melbourne. His release will be supported by television show China Beach alongside other tours that will be joined by Hachiku and Saskwatch.

The tour apparently involves going around Ballarat, New Castle, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, and Long Jetty.

Interestingly, Moonlover is also part of a couple of other festivals and concerts. The December Gizzfest in Melbourne will have Moonlover singing with artists such as The Murlocs, La Luz, Mild High Club, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

According to The Music, the Melbounre-based Moonlover will now be a part of Our Golden Friend’s growing roster of stars. These include Poppongene and RVG. The latter is an interesting addition, as his notable experimental music is perfect for the aesthetic of Our Golden Friend as a label.

Quang Dinh or Moonlover, Our Golden Trend

Thou Shall Be Free, serving as Moonlover’s album, is an album he recorded in Pink Slime Studios, which he also owns. However, he did receive some help from John Lee for the mixing, and Joe Carra for the mastering. It can be remembered that John Lee also served as mixer for the Lost Animals, Emma Russack, and the Beaches. Meanwhile, Joe Carra had prior experience with Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Courtney Barnett, and King Gizz.

Aside from Thou Shall Be Free, Moonlover has released other impressive EPs as well. These include Lysergic Flaccid, Deja Voodoo, and Wiseman Beggar Yellow Hobo.

The unique aesthetic in his EP covers is an excellent representation of his experimental work. Moonlover is quite indeed a rising star worthy of the attention he is getting. Hopefully Our Golden Friend can help Moonlover become a more wide-known name in the industry.