Heads up, people! Here is the most exciting news for all you die hard and loyal NFG fans.

New Found Glory has announced that the band members will be interacting very closely with their Aussie fans during their Australian Tour 2017. An in-store signing event has been organized by the band’s management and its organizers with high hopes of ‘one on one’ interaction between the band mates and the enthusiastic and loyal fans. The New Found Glory travel and tour itinerary is full of surprises and live performances. Thus a signing event is just the cherry on top of the cake. Nom!


New Found Glory is an American origin rock band that was first formed in the year 1997. With close to ten albums, two EPs in addition to a whole 3 fantastic cover albums, New Found Glory band, or NFG for short, are among the top most successful punk rock American bands of present times. These artists write, produce and play in the genres of alternative rock and pop punk.


The New Found Glory band is a five member band that consists of Jordan, Ian, Chad and Cyres with Steve Klien and Joe Mariho former members of the band, who have since then parted ways. Producing quality and stimulating pop music since the year 1997, they made their very first record deal with Drive-Thru Records.


The New Found Glory band has been deemed and labeled as the ‘Godfathers of Pop Punk’, known for the level of energy and high vibes in their live performances. Out of a total of 9 studio recorded albums and one live album; the New Found Glory has very recently released their new pop album ‘Makes Me Sick’. The album first aired on the 28th of April this year under the record label of Hopeless Records. In addition to this, earlier this year they also released a new single ‘Happy Being Miserable’ on the 16th of February. The New Found Glory album ‘Makes Me Sick’ has also been ranked as the AP’s Most Anticipated for 2017.


The New Found Glory band tour of Australia is planned from the 22nd of March to the 12th of May. Packed with upbeat performances that are sure to get you to throw in some moves of your own, lost to the stimulating music and vibes of the arena, this tour is going to be the hot event of the year.


If you want to share the personal space of New Found Glory band members, then get moving and bring yourself to the Sydney Utopia Records this Friday, on the 11th of August. However, you are advised to be at the signing venue before 5 pm in order to save yourself from heartache and disappointment!