The passing of Linkin Park singer and lead Chester Bennington has hit the band hard, but its members want to honor his legacy with a tribute concert in his name next month.

Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda shared his feelings, and the band’s current state, as the tribute concert for Bennington is weeks away. As per the Rolling Stone, Shinoda told KROQ that despite the nervousness in some members, they all feel the concert is the right way to tribute, celebrate, and honor Benningtom’s memory.

The tribute concert will be a one night affair, with all the remaining members of Linkin Park set to perform their greatest hits, and songs that would let the world remember Bennington’s legacy.

The concert also hopes to raise funding for Music for Relief’s One More Light Fund that hopes to become a tribute for Bennington as well.

Shinoda said it was producer Rick Rubin that gave him the advice for the band to perform once again.

Rubin told them that performing after Bennington’s passing will be hard, but the fans need a catharsis of their own as well.

Shinoda also expressed gratitude to the massive support coming from fans who also organized their own tributes revolving Linkin Park’s new song. One More Light is slowly becoming a new anthem, and it is appropriate, given the song is also about the passing of several family members and close friends.

Shinoda also shared how Bennington’s ‘darkness’ had always become part of his artistic identity, and he used it as artistic fuel as well. Shinoda also expressed, however, that Bennington remained a happy and fun guy to be with despite what he has been carrying with him. They hope the concert will show this side of Bennington as well.

Linkin Park fans can join Shinoda and his peers in Los Angeles this October. This marks the first time since Bennington’s passing that the group will perform. Shinoda said there will be other groups of friends to join them in the concert, although the list has yet to be finalized.