Linkin Park fans aren’t the only ones emotional in the historic Chester Bennington concert last week in Los Angeles. The band’s own Mike Shinoda has debuted a new tribute song in the hopes of celebrating Chester Bennington’s life through music.

The new song, “Looking For An Answer,” was first heard by fans in the memorial concert. Shinoda himself sang the song, with an introduction explaining he’s still not sure whether they will officially release the track.

“Eventually I realised that one of the things that helps me get through things in not only listening to music but actually playing music,” he said.

According to Music Feeds, the song itself was raw in terms of its lyrics. It addresses Bennington’s passing with lyrics that do fit the title. The song searches for an answer in the absence of someone important.

Shinoda explained he couldn’t listen to the song after officially writing it. It was only about a week later that he actually listened to the song he made.

Fans can see the emotional concert online, including Shinoda’s tribute.

It can be remembered that Bennington left the entire music world and Linkin Park community after his passing in July. The concert in his memory included acts such as Alanis Morissette and Blink-182.

Linkin Park and Chester Bennington

Fans can vividly remember Linkin Park since its conception in 1996. The California-based rock band grabbed their claim to fame thanks to “Hybrid Theory,” their debut album in 2000 which became a certified Diamond album in 2005, and earning multi-Platinum titles in several other states.

The band specialises in various rock genres, such as alternative rock and alternative metal, rap rock, electronic rock, and nu metal.

The band has become so well-known that MTV2 named the band as the sixth-greatest group in our music video era, and it ranks third in the new Millennium. The band also won “greatest artist of the 2000s” in a 2012 poll courtesy of VH1.

The band sold around 68-million records all over the world, and won themselves two Grammies.
Meanwhile, Chester Bennington also became the frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and Dead by Sunrise aside from Linkin Park. The latter has become a side project of sorts, which formed in 2005. Its debut album released on 2009. Meanwhile, he also became the lead of Stone Temple Pilots and helped them release their EP back in 2013, but left two years later.

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