Lady Gaga fans may finally know what was “up” when the famous pop star talks about her chronic pain. It was revealed that it was actually fibromyalgia, something Lady Gaga has just told her fans recently.

This was courtesy of her tweet, where she said, “In our documentary the #chronicillness #chronicpain I deal w/ (with) is #Fibromyalgia.”. She added she hopes the film would help raise awareness on the issue as well.

The “documentary” in reference is Lady Gaga’s biographical film of sorts, “Gaga: Five Foot Two.” Her tweet came during the time when she was promoting the release of the film at the Toronto Film Festival. This was also after she cancelled a concert in Montreal, Canada, due to an unrelated illness.

According to Music-News, there was a scene in the film where the iconic star is seen receiving injections designed to treat her pain in muscles caused by fibromyalgia. People with this disorder sometimes suffer from pain the muscles and the skeleton. Some experts believe the illness actually amplifies pain sensations.

Lady Gaga also opened up that the illness can cause memory, mood, and fatigue issues. She only referred to this before as “chronic pain.” Fans can finally piece together some posts from Lady Gaga, where she posted a photograph of herself receiving treatment from a physician just a few days prior the American Music Awards.

The iconic artist also approached fans to thank them for their support. She also showed pictures of equipment she uses for treatment, such as a silver thermal blanket, and an infrared sauna. She also takes an ice bath when her body experiences spasms.

It can also be remembered that the “Born This Way” stars had to postpone and eventually cancel some dates of her world tour back in 2013 when she revealed she as synovitis. It revealed she had a labral tear alongside inflamed joints. She also said she broke her hip, an instance where she may have to replace it if she pushed through with her concert back then.

Stefani Joanne Germanotta, also known publicly as Lady Gaga, started her years as an artist exploring various genres, including a specialization with acoustic songs. She gained prominence with hits such as “Poker Face,” and “Telephone.”