Kanye West

Popular icons Kanye West and JAY-Z may finally end the legal dispute surrounding them once and for all, which tensions allowed it to escalate into a whopping $3.5-million beef between the two stars.

This is following reports that West is ready to resurrect his friendship with the rapper through the help of a meeting. The engagement would also hopefully quell potential legal action against West after the entire Tidal beef.

It can be remembered that the rappers had fallen out of their friendship public when Kanye commented about JAY-Z and his spouse Beyonce during one of his concerts in California last 2016. According to Music-News, TMZ has also reported that Kanye West had just split with Tidal, JAY-Z’s streaming service, after allegedly not being content with its management.

West now said that Tidal owes him around $3-million in what appears to be bonuses and unpaid advances. He actually had lawyers send a letter to the Tidal execs saying they wanted their existing contract voided because of this.

In retaliation, Tidal has apparently threatened to take legal action against Kanye should the artist try releasing his tracks on sites outside Tidal.

It appears the lawyers have just failed to settle the $3.5-million conflict because of the two rappers’ personal conflicts. Music-News reports however that the meeting between West and JAY-Z would hopefully settle things once and for all.