KISS founders Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons reunite for a benefit gig for Hurricane Harvey victims in St. Paul, with the show finally bringing the two together for a KISS performance after 2001.

This marks more than 16 years since the two have united for a KISS gig. According to Music Feeds, the show has been a big deal for KISS fans as after all this finally marks the successful meeting of the two big figures. This is because the induction performance of KISS in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was cancelled due to what appears to be conflict between Frehley and Simmons.

According to Star Tribune, it was Frehley that contacted Simmons when he noticed he was free after four shows along the East Coast. Simmons was totally up for the concert when Frehley called him.

Frehley, also called Space Ace, said he may be having a part in Simmons’ brand new solo band, and that they have recently created two songs for Frehley’s to-be-released recorded solo.

According to Music Feeds, it can be noted that Frehley also said that whenever he joined Gene and Paul Stanley in any event, it always becomes an enjoyable experience. Some fans believe this might be a sign for a full KISS reunion.

Meanwhile, fans can simply watch this video where Frehley and Simmons perform some landmark KISS songs: Cold Gin, Rock And Roll All Nite, Parasite, and Shock Me.