Pop star Pink or P!nk has just announced her 2018 tour that will span yet another worldwide concert series. Unfortunately, it has yet to reveal if it has any shows in Australia. However, if everything indicates what they seem to indicate, then the pop star may be having a show in Australia after all.

According to Music Feeds, the tour itself was announced by Live Nation. The concert, named “Beautiful Trauma World Tour,” will already have 40 shows all across the United States. Of course, Aussie followers of the pop star are anxious to know if there will be any shows in the country.

Interestingly, Live Nation Australia also teased a short video where a lot of cities in the United States were featured. There’s a caption with the phrase “What about us?” that comes alongside Australia. This has got fans thinking whether or not Australia will be included in the tour after all.

The link with the tweet however asks users to sign up to the newsletter for Live Nation Australia. If anything, this is an indication that something might be happening soon.

Pink, P!Nk, and Pop

In 2017, Pink also said that she wants to return to her Aussie fans “next year.” Interestingly, this is either a sign that she will be having a concert in Australia in 2018, or very soon. Fans will remember the pop star touring Australia way back in 2013 for her “Truth About Love” concert series.

It will be memorable for fans as its tickets spanning 320,000 were sold out in hours. All of these tickets were of course for sites all across Australia. Interestingly, the tour before that, “Funhouse,” also had 58 shows in Australia. This means Pink really has a lot of fans in Australia.

For those who don’t think they can go to the United States yet can wait for the upcoming “Beautiful Truama” album. It has come out on October 13, and fans can buy the album to get their Pink fix.