It’s not a good week for alt-hardcore band Vitals as it appears thousands of dollars’ worth of music equipment have been stolen from their premises. The Caloundra-based band has pleaded to fans to help them look for their missing equipment, which they said was “everything” they had in their shed.

As per The Music, it appears a lot of equipment was actually stolen from their hideout. These include a Markbass Little Mark 800 bass cab, a Strymon Big Sky pair of pedals, Hughes & Kettner Trip Amp Mark 3 amplifier, and even a Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass guitar.

These are pretty much expensive equipment, ranging on the thousands of dollars. This is a reasonable line of gear considering the Vitals is also venturing into serious recording territory.

According to a Facebook post, the band asked for both fans and friends to check if these equipment suddenly appear on sale online. They are also planning to check if they can obtain footage, especially via CCTV, of the entire theft.

Vitals and the Alt-Hardcore Scene

The Vitals is a five-member band composed of two guitarists, a bassist, one of drums, and a vocalist. They are currently releasing tracks and EPs, all for fans to buy in their website. Their recent release, Paranoia, is proof that the band is a name that is starting to get known in the industry.

The alt-hardcore genre, or alternative hardcore genre, is a kind of punk rock music that retains much of the elements known to the genre but strives to make its own mark in the industry. Perhaps the best way to understand this kind of music is by studying hardcore punk itself.

The genre, which in itself became a subculture, began in the late 1970s. Unlike other punk rock variants, hardcore is faster and much more aggressive. The genre had its roots in Southern California and San Francisco. It also initially began as a response to the hippie culture.