Marilyn Manson May Plan Indoor Concert For Next Australia Tour


Marilyn Manson fans may want to help their idol out, as the acclaimed singer wants his next Australian tour to not be another outdoor festival. Should this happen, Manson may have an indoor concert to celebrate his new album called “Heaven Upside Down.” However, is this possible?

The reveal came from Manson himself as he was interviewed by folks on triple j. According to Music Feeds, the iconic star mentioned that while he enjoyed his last performances in Australia, he has never gotten “into” the outdoor festival vibe.

“I’ve never really gotten the outdoor concert thing,” Manson said.

It can be remembered that his previous performances include Soundwave Festival back in 2015, which also had its number of outdoor shows.

Manson’s announcement, however, may have potentially ruled out a Download Festival Australia show.

When he explained on the “outdoor vibe,” he mentioned a number of circumstances. He recalled his first Lollapalooza experience, where he saw a family hanging out at the concert while sitting on a picnic blanket. Manson had just taken acid then. He saw the family, which he described as “covered in warts,” and there was a multitude of effects. The heat of Florida back then, the acid, and the appearance of the family while under the influence of acid may have given wrong vibes to Manson.

Marilyn Manson, Injury

The star also shed some light on a recent injury he had in one of his shows, where he was hospitalized He recalled that there was an older lady and two younger doctors in his presence then. The star recalled how the older lady was hesitant to ask who Manson was, who at the time was still wearing his show clothes.

Manson admitted to have been offended when asked at the time if he “was KISS,” and he accidentally screamed “No!”

On his injuries, Manson said standing on the lighting truss was part of the show. When he put his hand on the figure, it started to go off-balance and he tried to support it. Unfortunately, the structure fell on top of him, resulting on his injuries.