Aussie fans of Papa Roach will finally have a chance to see their beloved rockers for the first time in Australia. This is after the California-based band has finally announced the team’s first tour in the country.

According to Music Feed, this is finally the confirmation fans have been waiting forever since they’ve teased their plans for a 2018 tour in Australia way back in August. Now it appears they have two headline shows in January 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne.

Frontman of Papa Roach Jacoby Shaddix said this will be the first time they will be able to bring their amazing brand of shows to Australia. The band credited Sony for the challenge to also meet and build their fanbase in Australia, and they are more than set for the challenge.

It’s not as if Papa Roach never came to Australia, however. They were present in the Soundwave Festival back in 2015, and wanted to go back in the same year or in early 2016 for the 15th year of their debut, “Infest.” Unfortunately, it didn’t get to happen. They just released their album, “Crooked Teeth,” in May 2017, and this is their latest album so far.

Papa Roach

Papa Roach is a California-based rock band that was formed way back in 1993. Their first major release was “Infest” in 2000, which earned itself a triple-platinum. Their album “Lovehatetragedy” also earned itself a gold award.

Shaddix added the internet contributed a lot to maintain and develop their fan base. They said it was a great tool to share their music in YouTube and Spotify. This allowed people from all generations to find their band, even though they have been playing for almost two decades.

The 2018 tour have tickets ready for sale already last October 11. Meanwhile, the first show will be on January 22 in Melbourne. Meanwhile, the second show will be on January 24 in Sydney.